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Why use a HR system

Proactive HR Systems is an effective online tool that helps you manage your human resource function. Many business owners are bogged down in unnecessary administration when they should be focussing on doing what they do best. Add to this the ever-changing employment legislation and your choices are simple – get HR in-house; spend many hours trying to find and interpret the information on the Internet or go for the best option and benefit from locally-based HR expertise.

Please take a moment to watch these short videos where Bob & Rob will help you to understand some of the issues that can be minimised by using a HR system such as Proactive HR Systems.

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  • Data Protection compliant
  • Secure access for all employees
  • Inclusive disaster recovery
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  • Saves you administration time
  • Reduces litigation risks
  • One-stop for all your HR needs
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  • Customisable to your needs
  • Web-enabled & easy to use
  • Choose your level of access
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  • Get the answers to your problem
  • Locally-based HR expertise
  • 24/7 free phone & email advice
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