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Secure HR Services

Proactive HR Systems is a web-enabled SAAS [Software-As-A-Service] system which is fully compliant with all UK Data Protection requirements giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Dynamic logins mean employees can only see their own personal data and Managers can view the data of those employees they are responsible for.

All entries on the system are time and date encrypted creating an automatic audit trail, which encourages secure effective management of your employees.

SAAS also means you have low cost implementation with the system located in a secure firewalled data centre rather than on an expensive server in your office, providing backup and keeping your maintenance costs down.

Although major disasters such as flooding, fire or theft in the workplace are relatively rare, you can feel reassured that following such an event, all your HR information and employee data is safe and accessible as soon as you get internet access again.

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  • Data Protection compliant
  • Secure access for all employees
  • Inclusive disaster recovery
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  • Saves you administration time
  • Reduces litigation risks
  • One-stop for all your HR needs
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  • Customisable to your needs
  • Web-enabled & easy to use
  • Choose your level of access
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  • Get the answers to your problem
  • Locally-based HR expertise
  • 24/7 free phone & email advice
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