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As an independent HR consultant, or a small HR firm or partnership, you will be fortunate to have great flexibility in the services you provide to your clients. However, this independence and flexibility may also constrain your business development as well as restricting the breadth of value-added products and services you can offer. As an Associate, you could benefit from offering Proactive HR Systems to your clients whilst retaining your independence and being part of a rapidly growing group of trusted and credible associates.

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  • Data Protection compliant
  • Secure access for all employees
  • Inclusive disaster recovery
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  • Saves you administration time
  • Reduces litigation risks
  • One-stop for all your HR needs
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  • Customisable to your needs
  • Web-enabled & easy to use
  • Choose your level of access
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  • Get the answers to your problem
  • Locally-based HR expertise
  • 24/7 free phone & email advice
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